Specialty Coffee, Craft Roasted, Delivered Fresh.


We provide specialty coffee to both our retail customers and our wholesale clients in Corpus Christi and beyond. We strive to source coffee with integrity, roast it with expertise, and deliver it with care.


  • I just finished off the last of the @dwcoffeeco beans.

    So sad. All other coffees now leave me empty.

    David the Good
  • Literally the best coffee I've ever had.

  • We have a NEW cold brew and it's delicious!

    Matcha Konomi
  • Thoroughly enjoyed learning about getting the best brew for your buck with @dwcoffeeco.

  • Got one of the best cups of coffee today at a hidden gem in Corpus Christi...Eleanor's coffee bar and tried the coffee from @driftwoodcoffeeco

  • There's coffee that makes you ABLE to get up in the morning, and then there's coffee that makes you WANT to get up in the morning. This dark roast from Driftwood Coffee Co. falls in the latter category.

  • I received a small sample batch from the good people over at @driftwoodcoffeeco and the excitement is real fam. I wanted to share my first "sip experience" of the Ethiopian blend and man oh man was it bursting with flavor!

    The Coffee Muggle
  • @dwcoffeeco the best.

  • Trying Driftwood Coffee for the first time! Thank you for the sample, Randi! I'm really enjoying it!

  • This awesome cup of Driftwood coffee got me through 6 hours of tax preparation...almost done but I know to go back to Coffee Waves if I need it tomorrow during the last of the prep. Love the flavor!!!



Beautiful coffee doesn't come easy. Our labor is in sourcing our beans responsibly and carefully, roasting each bean to highlight its inherent quality, delivering it to you fast, and equipping you with the tools and knowledge to have an excellent cup at home.

Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee is so much more than a mere marketing term like premium or gourmet, which indicate rather that the coffee is in fact of low quality. Specialty coffee has received the designation of specialty by a rigorous tasting standards established by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Craft Roasted

Roasters that have a "one roast fits all" approach miss out on the particularities of each bean. Not all coffee is the same, and as such, the qualities of the coffee will vary from origin to origin, and even from crop to crop. Roast profiles that are individually geared to each crop are necessary to bring out the distinctive flavors of each bean.

Delivered Fresh

Our coffee is roasted just before its delivered to you. With roast dates printed on each bag of coffee, you can be confident your coffee is as fresh as possible. Watch the coffee bloom when you brew it to see for yourself just how fresh it is!


With brew guides and gear, we enable you to produce exceptional coffee at home with very little effort. Not only are the gear and guides posted on our site, but we're accessible by phone or email to make sure you get the best out of your beans!


We're a modest company with a heart for the globe! We consider our role in this world as stewards, managing and maintaining this beautiful space, and preserving the incredible things inside it that we're given. Our mission is to provide the highest quality coffee beans we can, to roast them in a way that brings out their full flavor, and to enable you to preserve their quality as you grind and brew them at home.

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