Beautiful coffee, green coffee beans

Beautiful Coffee, From Seed to Cup.

Responsibly sourced specialty coffee direct from farms utilizing sustainable business and farming practices roasted right and delivered fast. In short: Beautiful coffee.



We source our coffee through a company based in Bolivia that has invested in several farms in South America. They have taken these farms under their wing and are teaching the producers responsible farming practices: how to treat both the earth and man with integrity and justice, and how to grow excellent coffee. There are incentive programs built in wherein the producers are rewarded for utilizing sustainable business practices and for the quality of the beans they produce. The result is a producer who is excited and energized to respect the earth and produce excellent coffee. We ship the coffee to our roastery in Corpus Christi, Texas, and we take it from there.


We as coffee roasters, in turn, take our part very seriously, and we strive to perfect the roast. Coffee varies greatly from origin to origin, and even from crop to crop. Each bean has distinctive flavors, with flavor notes ranging from chocolate to nutty, cinnamon to honey, and on. The challenge of the roaster is to roast in such a way that the inherent and distinctive flavors are preserved and celebrated. A poor coffee roaster will serve his coffee either raw or baked. Under-cooked and sour or over-roasted like charcoal.


You’re in luck. With us, you get full disclosure. Not only do we communicate the source data concerning our coffee (you get country, region, coop, and sometimes even farm information, altitude, processing methods, and flavor profile), but we also disclose to you the date on which we roast the coffee. It would be much easier for us to roast all of our coffee and store it indeterminately until you purchase it. It’s our guarantee that we won’t do that. You get coffee that’s fresh; that’s our promise.

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