We're here to serve you.

We’re Here to Serve You

We roast to order, deliver your coffee, and teach you how to brew it. We’re here to serve you.

Our Product

We focus heavily on the production aspect of our business; we strive to produce the best quality coffee around. A lot of thought and energy goes into our product. We source our coffee responsibly and honestly and roast it according to its distinctive qualities. We’ve invested in our shop to make it a place that ideally stores our product both before and after the roast. Additionally, we spend countless hours cupping and tasting, refining our product so that our customers receive only the best coffee.

Our Service

Equally important to us is getting that coffee to you and providing the tools and knowledge necessary for you to enjoy coffee at home in a completely new way. Coffee is usually stale or old by the time you buy it and brew it at home. Our coffee is usually roasted to order and we rush it to you as soon as we can. Printed on the bag is the date we roasted the coffee to give you the assurance that our coffee is fresh, and we can even deliver to you if you’re in Corpus Christi. We also want to help you brew the coffee you buy from us, so we have some brewing tools available for purchase, and we have provided a guide for each tool to help you learn how to use them. Additionally, we’re available for you to reach us with any questions you might have concerning our products. Trust us, we have plenty of energy after cupping and tasting all of our coffee. Lots of energy.

Give us a try and tell us how you feel. We exist to serve you incredible coffee, so wander over to our Shop page and pick something out!

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