Aeropress guide

Aeropress Guide

For a truly incredible cup of coffee, look no further. Follow this easy and quick Aeropress guide below to join in!


Get your water hot! I’ve found that 200° is perfect, that’s just under boiling for those without thermometers.

Pulling water from a hot water tower into a kettle.


Grind 15 grams of beans. If you’re using the scoop provided with your Aeropress, measure out a heaping scoopful, and you should be very close to 15 grams. The Aeropress calls for a fine grind, the same level of grind that you would have put in your automatic coffee maker if its permanent home weren’t in the trash now that you’ve found a better way!

  Grinding coffee with a burr grinder.


Assemble your Aeropress. I like to assemble it upside down with the plunger sitting at around the 4.

The Aeropress


You can use the supplied funnel to help add your coffee into the Aeropress.

Putting coffee into the Aeropress.


Add 30 grams of water. For those without a coffee scale, just fill it up to about the 2. Use the supplied paddle to ensure all of the grounds get immersed in the water, and let it sit for 30 seconds.

Filling the Aeropress with hot water.


Fill up the rest of the chamber with water, leave a bit of room for stirring. Before you stir, let it sit for 1 minute.

The Aeropress brewing coffee.


During that minute, place a paper filter inside of the cap. Drip a little bit of hot water onto the filter both to heat it and to make it stick.

Priming the Aeropress cap with hot water.


Give the coffee brew several vigorous stirs.

 Stirring the brew in the Aeropress.


Assemble the cap onto the chamber. Be sure you tighten it well, as the coffee is very hot. Then, with care and precision, flip the chamber over onto your coffee mug. Caution, this coffee is very hot.

Placing the cap on the Aeropress. Flipping the Aeropress over.


Press the plunger down into the chamber. If it’s too difficult, your grind level might be too fine. If it’s too easy, it might be too coarse.

 Extracting the brew from the Aeropress.


Cleanup! Screw off the cap over your compost pile, garbage disposal, or trash can, and push the coffee out of the chamber. Rinse off the cap and plunger, and you’re done!

Cleanup is easy with the Aeropress.

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