French Press Guide

The French Press is my favorite way to brew because of the incredible flavor! It’s fast, it brews a lot, and, of course, it’s tasty! The French Press produces a very bold and complex cup of coffee. In contrast to paper filters, it filters the coffee grounds by pushing them down with a screen which allows a lot more of the flavor oils to pass through into the final brew.


Hot water is definitely a necessity here. 200° is the optimal temperature, just under boiling.

Pulling water from a hot water tower in a kettle.


For a 1 liter french press, grind 2.4 oz. of beans. This should be a course grind; it should feel like sea salt in your fingers.

Grinding coffee from a burr coffee grinder.


Slowly pour the water over all of the grounds and fill the press about 1/4 full. At this point, your fresh Driftwood Coffee beans will bloom. Let the coffee bloom for 20-30 seconds.

Pouring water from a kettle into a French Press.


Fill up the rest of the french press with water. Don’t get greedy, if you fill the press all the way up to the spout, you could end up with a big mess as the coffee likes to expand a little as some gasses are released from the brew.

French Press brew bloom.


Place the press’ lid with plunger on top of the brew and let it rest there for 4 minutes. Open your stop watch on your phone, 4 minutes is very important. If too much time goes by, your brew will be guilty of over-extracting your precious beans. The result is a very sharp, biting flavor – not good.

French Press brewing


Take the plunge! Press the plunger down slowly and with purpose. If it’s too hard to press, you’ve ground the beans too fine. If it’s sinks too easily, the beans are too course. It should take about 15 pounds of pressure to plunge your press, check on your bathroom scale if you need to.

Pushing French Press plunger.


Serve immediately. The coffee will continue to brew and will over-extract if you leave it in the press.

Pouring coffee from a French Press.

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