brewing a pour over managing extraction through the dose, yield, and timing.

Extraction and Strength – The Basics to Brewing Coffee

So you’re trying to dial in your brew. You’re getting a great cup of coffee, but perhaps you’ve had better and would like to improve it. I’d like to simplify coffee brewing down to the basics by discussing two metrics, extraction and strength, and discuss how they work together to produce flavor. In coffee, we […]

green coffee defects driftwood coffee company

Defects Common to Green Coffee – The First Step to Quality Coffee

There are many factors that play into coffee quality. From growing, to processing, shipping, storing, roasting, and brewing, there are many stages that coffee goes through before it reaches your hands in hot liquid form. This article is my attempt to focus in on the growing aspect of our coffee’s quality and the defects that […]

cheap vs expensive coffee - can you tell the difference

Cheap vs Expensive Coffee

You’ve probably wondered it yourself: Cheap vs expensive coffee. What’s the difference, and is expensive coffee worth it? These are good questions. We would do well if we approached every financial obligation with scrutiny, so scrutinize your coffee. I wanted to share a video that presumes to close the book, once and for all, on the […]

roast profile graph - temperature over time

Roast Profile – Managing Heat and Time for Better Coffee

Better Coffee A roast profile that’s stock will lead to stock coffee. You can buy stock coffee pretty cheap these days. Cruise over to your local grocery store and grab you a can. In it, you’ll probably find pre-ground coffee that was roasted some time last year. They used a one-roast-fits-all profile for their low […]

Sourcing our green coffee beans responsibly

Sourcing Our Coffee Responsibly

Sourcing Our Coffee Responsibly How do you go about sourcing the coffee you drink each morning? The coffee that’s often available at your local grocery store is shrouded in mystery, and we shouldn’t be ok with that. As a culture, we’ve grown more sensitive to the unknown and, as a result, learned to inquire and uncover. […]

Storing coffee in glass to preserve freshness.

Storing Your Coffee to Preserve its Freshness

Storing Your Coffee As you buy better quality coffee, the question storing it (as well as brewing it!) becomes much more pressing. Most people treat their coffee like they would a non-perishable. While it’s true that it takes quite a long time for coffee to spoil, it most certainly does perish as it ages. The shelf-life […]

Brewing Quality Coffee at Home

Brewing Quality Coffee at Home Congratulations! You’ve purchased specialty coffee that’s fresh and craft roasted. You’ve made the leap from the average store-bought, stale, one-roast-fits-all, old crop that you find on the shelves! Well it’s not over yet! Brewing is as much of an art and science as roasting is. We take incredible pride in the quality of […]

French Press Guide

The French Press is my favorite way to brew because of the incredible flavor! It’s fast, it brews a lot, and, of course, it’s tasty! The French Press produces a very bold and complex cup of coffee. In contrast to paper filters, it filters the coffee grounds by pushing them down with a screen which […]

Aeropress guide

Aeropress Guide

For a truly incredible cup of coffee, look no further. Follow this easy and quick Aeropress guide below to join in! 1 Get your water hot! I’ve found that 200° is perfect, that’s just under boiling for those without thermometers. 2 Grind 15 grams of beans. If you’re using the scoop provided with your Aeropress, measure […]

Beautiful coffee, green coffee beans

Beautiful Coffee, From Seed to Cup.

Responsibly sourced specialty coffee direct from farms utilizing sustainable business and farming practices roasted right and delivered fast. In short: Beautiful coffee.   Source We source our coffee through a company based in Bolivia that has invested in several farms in South America. They have taken these farms under their wing and are teaching the producers […]