Wholesale Coffee

Wholesale Coffee

Interested in buying fresh-roasted specialty coffee and serving it to your customers?
Driftwood Coffee Company has a lot to provide your restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop!

Our Products

  • Wholesale Pricing – First of all, you’ll find that our prices for craft roasted specialty coffee are some of the lowest in the area.
  • Bulk Deliveries – No order is too small, but we certainly offer bulk discounts to encourage your sales.
  • Espresso Blends – Our coffee works especially well in an espresso machine! The shots pulled from our beans have incredible flavor with nice crema!
  • Great-Tasting Decaf – A decaf has never tasted so good. While decaf has always been the outcast of “real coffee”, our decaf is a special blend that continually performs up to par with its caffeinated counterparts.
  • Coffee for French press/pour-over/drip – Our coffee can really be used in anything, even those individualized single-serve brewers, if you absolutely insist (though we’ll certainly try to steer you toward something better).
  • Cold Brew – We brew, bottle, and distribute to you cold brew coffee. It’s a huge hit in hot and humid Corpus Christi, Texas! At the moment, we serve in 32, 64, or 128oz growlers.

Our Services

  • Regular cupping sessions with staff – We would especially love to have cupping sessions with you and your staff. We can train you to taste coffee and describe its qualities so that sales can increase in your store. The more you and your staff know about our product, the faster it moves, and everyone benefits, your customers especially!
  • Custom blending and profiling to fit your tastes – We’ll also work with you to create your own custom blends, or you can leave it entirely up to us. Want a blend a little more nutty? Absolutely. More fruity rather than smokey? Let’s do it!
  • Delivery within 20 miles of Corpus Christi, Texas – In addition to providing you an exceptional product, we’ll even deliver it to you! You want your coffee delivered to a back alleyway at 3 a.m.? Awesome, I’ll bring my body guards, but I’ll be there! We usually deliver to businesses though whenever you need us to be there. If you’re really busy at 7 a.m., then we’ll come at 6, just let us know!
  • Easy electronic ordering and invoicing – Check out our Order Form! It’s really cool and very easy. It takes all the guesswork out of what we provide and how to order.

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